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Is it realistic to find a job quickly?

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

- Winston Churchill

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Adapt your skills to market needs!

Job seeking is a gruelling process. There are hardly a dozen people who would sincerely enjoy the job search process. Thousands of new vacancies appear on job search sites every day, but finding a job is very difficult. The labour market depends on the economy, it has its own trends and it may well be that by the time you graduate from the university, there will be very few or no offers. Strive to adapt your skills to market needs.

  Observe & Learn

  Acquire new skills

  Redefine your motivation

  Prepare alternative solutions

  Highlight the results you achieved

Find the strengths to move forward!

You send hundreds of resumes but you never get an answer. You begin to doubt yourself and look for reasons. Why isn't anyone hiring me? What's the problem with me? You have no idea what employers are looking for. Very often, employers are looking for Einstein with 30 years of work experience and a novice student's salary. The job market is tough. What works for one won't work for another.

  Believe in yourself

  Avoid procrastination

  Evaluate your strengths

  Exercise emotional intelligence

  Stay positive while job searching

Create the right resume & cover letter!

In reality, there are external factors that can affect your capabilities, such as the mood of a recruiter. And here you are powerless. Therefore, instead of worrying, it is better to spend time and energy on what you can control. Make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Refresh your resume, and write a cover letter corresponding to a job. The main thing in the resume is to clearly indicate the position for which you are applying. According to research, most employers will not consider resumes wording “any position” or “specialist”. Never give links to your pages on social networks - the employer may find information that compromises you. The resume should not be too long, it is enough to list skills and abilities only by points. An ideal resume takes about one sheet.

  Find out more about the job

  Find out more about the company

  Explain why you are suited to the job

  Matching your cover letter to the job

  Include a list of your relevant skills in a resume

Although you do not have full control over everything related to job search, you can make efforts that are to improve yourself and your career. You can control your destiny. Read an interesting and outstanding article provided by Job Jumpstart: "How to make a great first impression on employers" in the Jobs in Australia section.


A question to the readers!

Have you ever had problems in finding a job?

Share your opinions and experiences in the comments!


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