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Australia Day

Pack Smart

“Own only what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.”

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

What you have to consider before pack your bag?

  Your itinerary

  The type of your trip

  The length of your trip

  The weather in the chosen country

  The weight limits (check it in your airline)

  A list of prohibited items (check the airline website)

Pack Smart


List of items

Visit site

Be sure to check the list of items that you cannot take with you departing from Australia. Visit the Australian Border Force website to find more information (opens in a new window).


Duty-free concessions 

Visit site

Make sure you got enough information about what items can be brought in free of duty and tax. Visit the Australian Border Force website to find more information (opens in a new window).


A guide of the items

Visit site

You need to know what you can and cannot bring to Australia after returning from your trip. Visit the Australian Border Force website to find more information (opens in a new window).


What I cannot take on-board

Visit site

Make sure that you do not take illegal things on board the plane. Visit the Australian Border Force website to find a list of items that you cannot take on board (opens in a new window).


Travelling with liquids, aerosols and gels

Visit site

You must know the number of liquids, aerosols and gels you can carry onboard international flights. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website to find more information (opens in a new window).


Before you pack your bags

Visit site

It is a good idea to get acquainted with a list of items that are considered dangerous and unacceptable to carry on board. Visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website before you pack your bags (opens in a new window).

 Smart Tips

  Put in your handbag all important documents, traveller’s checks, money, cards, phone, and an additional list of emergency contacts. Make printouts of your documents, such as passport, tickets, etc.

Try to pack your bag as compactly as possible, avoiding empty spaces. Take with you on the trip what is necessary. In every hotel there is dry-cleaner, so you can always freshen up your wardrobe without weighing your luggage with extra clothes. Take with you multifunctional clothes and quick-drying things.

You need to consider buying a compatible voltage converter and outlet adapter so that in the host country you can charge your phone and use your other electrical appliances. Alternatively, you can charge the phone using the USB input on the TV that is in your hotel room.

Attach a bright sticker to your suitcase and do not forget to attach a tag with your name. In this case, you will not confuse your suitcase with the suitcase of another tourist.

Use smaller containers of shampoos, conditioners and personal care items that are specifically designed for travel. Pack it all in a plastic bag to avoid spillage in your luggage.

Take a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage, in a case you lose your luggage so you can change into clean clothes.

Never overload your suitcase, otherwise, you will have to unload some things at the most inopportune moment. Use scales to determine the weight of your suitcase to meet baggage allowance.

Pack your suitcase in advance, so you will not forget what is really needed for a trip. Write a list in advance and check that you have everything packed.

If you take medications with you, take a medical certificate from your doctor. In this way, you can prove that these medicines are yours, and are for your personal use. Make sure that these medications are not banned in the country where you are going. If you are sick with some kind of chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes, discuss with your doctor the possibility of purchasing more medications that are necessary for the trip.

Check your luggage for banned items that are forbidden to take on board, carry in luggage, both in hand luggage and in a suitcase. If you are in doubt about what items you cannot carry with you, please consult your airline about the conditions for carrying baggage.

Obviously, it's not necessary to take weapons and drugs with you on a trip. And in general, do not touch drugs, otherwise, traces on your hands and in your luggage may be detectable long time. You should understand that a lawyer will be more expensive than your entire trip as a whole.


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