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“Having loads of money doesn’t make you a better person… Spending it smart does.”

- Ziad K. Abdelnour

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But seriously, buying things with discounts will benefit your budget. Of course, students have some privileges, since they can use their student card and get discounts on many purchases. Can a student survive without a computer? Well, probably, a student could sit in the library, and study the necessary material for several hours. Let’s look at where you can buy a computer with some discounts using your student ID.

Computers, Software & Accessories


Microsoft provides great deals on a wide range of their products. You can purchase not only a laptop and other devices at a discount, but also Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It is in Microsoft Excel you can use a spreadsheet to create your Student Budget. Go to the Microsoft website to find more information (opens in a new window).

Student Offers 

Student Discounts


Apple provides education discounts for university students, so you can check out their website to find more information. Still, buying a laptop with a discount is a good idea.


Dell provides discounts on Laptops and Desktops. If you are a student, you are eligible for discounts. Go to the Dell website to find more information (opens in a new window).


If you are a creative person, then you may consider Adobe. You can find Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more products for your studying and work. Adobe provides incredible discounts for students and teachers: save 60% on Creative Cloud and up to 67% when you prepay. Go to the Adobe website to find more information.

Students & Teachers 

Schools & Universities

  Student Discounts

Student Discounts provides a huge range of discounts on software, computers, accessories, and more. Student Discount is the largest software retailer in Australia. Find out more information on the Student Discounts website (opens in a new window).

Phones & Plans

Your phone is an integral part of your life. We go to bed and check our phones, we wake up and check them again. Young people generally do not let their phones out of their hands! Well, let's look for possible offers with discounts.


Optus provides a discount to students for a plan or phone. You can choose the most suitable offer for your plan or phone. Your student status will need to be verified. Go to The Student Hub on the Optus website to find more information.


Vodafone offers an incredible deal for students. You can save a lot of money on the plan that Vodafone offers. You must be a UNIDAYS member. Check all valid offers because they have expiry dates. Go to the Vodafone website to find more information.

Student Travel

Travel, travel... Almost all people in the world love to travel. Student Travel is often the most vivid and unforgettable time of our lives. Travel develops our imagination, introduces us to different cultures, traditions and languages. Travel gives us the opportunity to relax from a mundane routine and everyday problems. Sometimes travelling can cost quite a lot of money. Where can you find hot offers, and offers with discounts, so that students can also allow themselves to travel?

  STA Travel

Start the journey with STA Travel. They provide fantastic deals around the world. STA Travel is the largest student travel company in the world. Join them and find your path. Get hot deals with this company, don’t pay more.

  Student Flights

Would you like to find the cheapest offer? Ok, you are on the right route! Student Flights provide a huge range of travel options to give you the opportunity to find the most suitable offer. Like ski holiday – go to Student Flights, take a year off - go to Student Flights, looking for a holiday package – go to Student Flights, want to be a volunteer overseas - go to Student Flights.


  Hair Salons

Do you always want to look fashionable? Get a new haircut, dye your hair in a trendy colour, and you will always be on top! Find the best deals on the Hair Salons website, and start to save money. This website provides information about the hair salons around Australia. Without leaving home, you can find the nearest salon to your house to get a beautiful hairstyle for any event.


Scoopon provides unbelievable deals. You can find a lot of offers with great discounts. This applies not only to beauty and health but also to many other products and services. Want to spend a day in the spa, update your manicure, or get a haircut for a little money? Then, check the Scoopon website to choose what you want. Find the best offer, do not pay more.


Catch provides massive discounts on the most popular brands. You can find a huge range of cosmetics and beauty products at great discounts. Find the most suitable products for your skin at the lowest price. 

Join the community to get discounts

Obviously, students don't just need a computer. Sometimes it seems that students are the most active consumers. Let's figure out where to buy discounted goods, which are so necessary for a student budget! provides the best offers in Australia. Here you can find everything, from luxury overseas travel to services, activities and products. Get discount right now!


The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) provides good discounts in Australia and around the world.  You will enjoy getting discounts in more than 130 countries, on more than 15,000 products and services.  Go to the ISIC website to find more information.


Enjoy discounts provided by UNiDAYS. They offer exclusive discounts for students. Save your money with UNiDAYS by getting discounts from the big retailers. Join, Save, Enjoy!


Groupon is an online discount outlet that provides a wide range of discounts. You will enjoy the deals! Groupon offers deals and discounts in restaurants, hotels, beauty, travel, and more. Don’t spend more – use discounts – save your money.

  The Happiest Hour

Wouldn't like to save a lot of money on food? Go to the Happiest Hour website and find where to buy the best drinks and food on special in Australia. It really works! You will be surprised at how profitable the offers can be.

  Student Wow Deals

Do you live in Queensland? Go to the Student Wow Deals website and enjoy more than 260 exclusive student discounts & deals. You can find the most suitable deals from your favourite brands with good discounts in Queensland.

Consumer's rights

We sometimes think that we cannot protect our rights, get a refund, or replace damaged things. Remember that you have a consumer's rights. If something goes wrong, you can make a consumer complaint on the ACCC website. Use your rights, don’t lose your money. Go to the ACCC website to find more information. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission provides useful information about what you can do if you get in trouble.

  ACCC's Shopping online

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