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Evelin Jein

Evelin Jein

“The purr is very important. It's the purr that does it every time. It's the purr that makes up for the Things Under the Bed, the occasional pungency, the 4 a.m. yowl. Other creatures went in for big teeth, long legs or over-active brains, while cats just settled for a noise that tells the world they're feeling happy.”

- Terry Pratchett

The book is for cat lovers! This is an easy, simple, funny book for pleasant evenings. I studied the types of cats with the author, trying on his words on my furry friend, who is sleeping on my lap. I liked the easy syllable, charming descriptions, unobtrusive humour.

Terry Pratchett will answer a lot of questions about cats. What name should a cat have, what should a real cat be and what should it eat, do you need selection of cats, where did the cats come from, how to become a catman, what kind of cats are there, what dangers do cats face, what games do they play and some other questions.

The whole book contains a lot of humor. Almost the entire text is full of funny moments that will make you smile. At least it was with me. Pratchett definitely evokes sympathy and requires additional attention to his works.

“Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.” - Anonymous

When I think about this topic, I always remember my parents. Only they can so selflessly give all their strength and put their soul into their children. Only parents will forgive us our mistakes. Only parents will selflessly help us on our lifelong journey. My parent are the people who loves me more than anything in his life unconditionally. They are struggles in the world while making things easy for me. They will always be the Heroes of my life.

Sometimes it is difficult to describe in words the feelings that overwhelm me when I talk about my parents. Their faith in me is limitless. My love for them is limitless too.

“Everyone has secrets. It's just a matter of finding out what they are.” - Stieg Larsson

This is a tense, smart thriller with an ingenious plot. The main idea is to make the reader take a different look at asocial people and, on the whole, to give thought to how erroneous the first impressions of people are. The book literally describes every gloomy detail, the world of vice, the disturbed psyche and deformation of the human soul.

The author very slowly tells the reader his story, creating the effect of complete immersion in the smallest details. All characters are spelled with such precision that it seems that you see them and are always there. Almost all characters are ordinary people.

The finale of the novel is rather difficult, leaves a hint of bitterness and disappointment, but, of course, does not leave you indifferent. This book caused me a sea of emotions: from laughter and tenderness to disgust and hatred. Despite all the gloom and “heaviness” of the book, I wanted to read the rest of the trilogy.

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