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How to create a goal?

"A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot."

- Joe Vitale

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5 Secrets How To Set Effective Goals That Motivate You

By Shawn Lim

One of the main reasons people fail to accomplish their goals is because they fail to act on their goals. And there are many reasons why they don't take action. And in this article, you will discover the 5 secrets how to set effective goals that will motivate you and drive you all the time.

Goal setting will work for you, if you make it work. If you want to make your goals come true, here are the 5 secrets that you need to do...

1. Always Keep Your Goals In Your Mind

What is out of your sight will be out of your mind. This is why we need to constantly remind ourselves about our goals after we have set them. When you see your goal, you will remember yourself what you need to get done.

There are a few simple ways you can always keep your goals in your mind. For example, you can put your goals somewhere you can see often. Next to the mirror in the bathroom, on the door fridge, on your wardrobe's door, your phone and computer wallpaper, etc.

When you see you goals, you will get motivated and know what need to get done to make them come true.

2. Have A Strong And Emotional Reason For It

Why do you want to achieve your goal? Do you know that the reason to achieve your goal is the number one factor that will determine whether you are going to accomplish it?

When you have a strong and emotional reason behind your goal, you will get driven by it. You will jump out of your bed each morning and can't wait to act on it. On the other hand, if your reason is weak, you will never feel motivated toward your goal.

Therefore, look for a strong and emotional reason why you want to achieve what you want in your life. If you don't feel motivated, it is because your reason is just not strong enough to push you.

3. Make It Fun And Excited

Again, sometimes it is because the goal that you set does not appeal to you. If you are earning $10,000 a month, setting your goal to earn $10,100 a month will never motivate you. Will you jump out of your bed, wake up 1 hour earlier, work hard, stay 1 hour later just to earn an additional $100 a month?

Most likely you are not going to put in that much effort. This is why you need to make your goal exciting and fun. Your goal has to be able to trigger your hot button. For instance, if you love travelling and Korea has always been your dream destination. Do you think you will be excited for it?

Of course you would. You will wake up early, stay later to prepare the itinerary and perhaps can't even sleep the night before because you are just too excited. Hence, make your goals fun and excited.

4. Put Yourself On The Line

When you have no other options, you will have no choice but to achieve it. Burn all the bridges so that you will have no excuse not to do it. Most people procrastinate on their goals because they know that even if they did not achieve their goals, it will be alright for them.

So leave yourself no option and put yourself on the line. You can make a public announcement to put yourself more committed with your goals. It is said that if you want to conquer the island, you have to burn the ships.

Therefore, put in 100% of your commitment and just do it. Make it a 'must' achieve goal.

5. Your Goals Must Be Measurable

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is to weight yourself. And then consistently measure your weight throughout the journey so that you will know your progress.

Most people did not measure their goals. Hence, they don't know how their progress is. And if you cannot tell your progress, it will be the same as you don't care about your goals. Come on, your goals are important to you that is why you set them as goals right?

So do something to measure your progress. Know where you are and how far you have come and how far to go. If you can measure your goal, it is achievable and you definitely can achieve it.

These are the 5 secrets how to set effective goals that will motivate you. Remember, keep your goals in your mind, have a strong and emotional reason for it, make it fun, be committed and measure it from time to time.

Shawn Lim is the founder of Stunning Motivation. He has more than 7 years of experience in the personal development industry and has helped countless hungry seekers to achieve outstanding success in life.

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